Good Project “Bridging Art and Advocacy”

Good Project

The Venezuela Art Fair and the Good Project are teaming up to help preserve the Amazon rainforest, protect the Yanomami people in the Upper Orinoco and advance bio-cultural research.

Please DONATE TODAY so they can go to their mission to preserve the ancient knowledge and the rainforest in Venezuela.

Help our specialized field-based team work with the Yanomami leaders to advance projects critical for their survival and the preservation of this region of the Amazon rainforest. Encroaching external forces threaten their way of life and they need your support to bring sustainable resources, innovative tools, skills, and knowledge to adapt and survive. Support our mission at

A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by David Good in 2013. We are a highly specialized, field-based international team with decades of experience working with indigenous peoples in the Amazon. We are dedicated to the protection of the Amazon rainforest, advancing research in the human microbiome space and global health, and the promotion of intercultural programs that build resilience, self-determination, and sustainable lifestyles for the Yanomami.