Back to my roots

I am currently working on a series of works of art focused on the indigenous communities of Venezuela and my main objective is to educate about these ancient cultures. The modern world is built under the illusions of false needs manufactured by capitalism. With this project I want to make the community aware that there is a real world out there that we are destroying, and only by going back to the roots will we find salvation. This series is about culture, education, pride, ecology, sustainability, reality, nature, soul medicine, connectedness, and spiritual awareness.

These spaces for cultural exchange are essential in our modern society where the virtual world is controlling us with algorithms of toxic consumption. This is also a space to make community aware of the consequences of slash-and-burn for “dark” purposes, which is causing us to lose the Amazonia and their native people.

Back to my roots is an ode to my roots, and the ancestral knowledge. In this collection I used acrylics to express the vibrant colors of my Caribbean as a shield against darkness, and the inspiration of nature as the most authentic representation of God.

Let the Children Play

Every Labyrinth a Way Out

At the door of my mental labyrinth, I have discovered a world full of colors that are taking me to another dimension of divine creation. To create meaningful and mindful art to inspire other people’s lives is what gives meaning to my world. It is time to bring light to humanity and art is my weapon. I am a channel of expression. We artists reflect the human experience through our own individual way to live it.

My work is driven by my passion for philosophy, psychology, humanity, and womanhood; the use of lines and shapes brings me to a meditative state that emulates an aboriginal language by which I feel deeply influenced. I use acrylics and watercolors to express the vibrant colors of my Caribbean as a shield against darkness, and the inspiration of nature as the most authentic representation of God.

The Plandemic

My Healing Journey

My Mental Labyrinth

Art is a tool of expression that makes our souls speak. It is a channel to transmit emotions to the receiver. Through art, I’m able to communicate and find a cure for my soul.

In each artwork, I express my human existentialism, experiences, emotions and feelings. I am passionate about surviving as a woman in this intense world. When I enter in my mental labyrinth, I launch lines, colors and repetitive patterns, creating an oneiric abstract art piece, as medicine to my soul. I capture my tribal culture, spiritual exploration and vibrations from day to day in that infinite search for happiness.

My New Life

When I decided to come to USA I didn’t know what to expect… With my dreams in a luggage and my memories many miles behind me, I fond an incredible city to get inspired, right next to the cosmopolitan New York City.

Jersey City has opened many doors for this new chapter in my life. With my brushes and watercolors I started painting its beautiful views.


Each original painting is one of a kind, from Alexillustra’s studio. Includes Official Certificate of Authenticity signed by Alexandra Alvarez.

Back to my true